The Embodiment Podcast:

A rambling chat between Mark and movement and personal growth coach Chandler on BJJ< deep ecology, natural movement, making time, purpose, coaching vs. teaching, The Bible, and self care and starting at home.

The Human Animal Podcast:

On the pod today, we talk about the 3 pillars of mobility, and how you can unlock yours, coaching without dictating, why coaches need coaches, and much more!

The Essentialists:

This rapid-fire interview revolves around connection of body and mind, people and place. The goal is to make magic at the intersection of movement, conversation, and awareness.

Bite-Size Wellness:

The first step towards making any type of change is bringing awareness to the situation. Awareness provides you the “dignity of a choice” something that way too often we feel like we don’t have when it comes to our health. I promise you Chandler's awareness methodology will be beneficial for anyone looking for greater freedom in their bodies!

The Metaprogramming Podcast:

If you’ve ever been interested in the new movement movement (lol), evolutionary biology, or curious about how you could improve your joint pain, give Chandler some of your time. There are actually quite a few practical nuggets you could start implementing today.  We talked about Gestalt psychology, the death of his “conventional” career goals, and how he became a successful online coach.

Transform & Thrive:

"What I love the most is that I believe movement to be an inextricable part of our human experience. I mean its woven into our language for god sakes, for example we take a stand, embrace challenge, or juggle responsibilities. I think movement is how we literally and figuratively connect to life."


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