Reconnect to your body to reshape your life.

Right now your body is made from trillions of cells and trillions of choices you've made over the course of your life.  

You're a complex system with an unparalleled capacity for change and adaptation.  That's a huge gift, but also a major responsibility.  What it means have a choice.

In Ecosomatics we address the physical, mental, and ecological factors that shape who--and how--you are.  

You can intentionally direct the changes in your body, your nervous system, and your self-image.  Each of these has the potential to drastically change your life--together they guarantee it.  That means you can...

Move More Freely

Restore your mobility and learn natural movement skills to move without limits.


Find Growth & Balance

Rebalance your nervous system and use awareness practices to feel more alive, awake, and whole.

Experience More of life

Find deeper connection to the people and places that matter most.  Craft a more meaningful life.


Meet Chandler

Hi there, I'm Chandler Stevens.

As a somatic coach and movement specialist I've studied the living body for years.  In my work I blend practical applications of physiology, psychology, and ecology to help my students change their lives through movement and awareness.

I'm a frequent contributor and "best of" writer for industry leaders like Breaking Muscle, and my work has been featured by Functional Movement, MovNat, and more.

In addition I've consulted with dozens of companies--ranging from health education, to NFL teams, to forensic psychology--to help them develop more integrated training & teaching protocols.  


What Is Ecosomatics?

We humans are amazingly complex.  We're self-aware animals, and we live in a completely unnatural environment of our own making.  Too many of us struggle with symptoms of this strange context:

  • We can't move well, and we grow more and more frustrated with our bodies
  • We lose touch with the natural world, and we wonder why we're depressed and anxious
  • Our relationships are strained, and we feel alone even with other people
  • We do unfulfilling work and keep our real passions on hold
  • We disconnect from our bodies and emotions, and life feels like it's running on autopilot

Ecosomatics helps us overcome these challenges in an integrated way.  It's a unique approach to personal development that revolves around movement and awareness.  

Through natural movement lessons, body awareness exercises, and guided self-inquiry, you'll expand what you're capable of in every area of your life.  We work with the understanding that your mind and body can't be separated and that you don't live in a vacuum.  Zooming out to examine the big picture context is the only way to make lasting changes in your movement, mindset, and meaning.


What Others Are Saying

"I've never had more fun, gotten better results, or felt this good so quickly in my whole life...My mobility has sky rocketed, I recover faster, and I am running and bouncing around like a kid again.
Chandler's knowledge, encouragement, & passion are top notch.  I'd recommend him to anyone looking to gain confidence & strength in their own bodies.  Man or woman, young or old, Chandler will get you where you want to be."  - Zach Franke

"Thank you again for being so generous in every way.  

Contacting you I was prepared to invest in yet another program. Our conversation left me feeling I already had everything I needed.

It was the leap I had hoped for--just not the way I expected it." - Teya Alden

"You provide a welcoming space for someone to see the door to possibility and enter a room of opportunity.
Being someone who is a living example, it's easy to listen to your words and engage in your thoughts.
You do a good job listening and providing ping-ping feedback that enables your client to think for themselves." - Ross Weitzer
After years of stretching, releasing and opening, I still had such limited mobility in certain areas of my body. I couldn’t understand why...I figured I’d overstretched from all the yoga, and I felt a little betrayed by my practice.
I have so much more confidence in myself as a yoga teacher and personal trainer now.  
In just one month’s time, I’ve learned so much...It feels like I’ve discovered the missing pieces in my experience with my body and my trainings as a yoga teacher and CPT." - Erika Newell

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