Being Well-Rounded Is Making You Weak

The obsession to be a well-rounded person is handicapping your ability to make an impact.

Some people might not like it, but the truth is: you an I are naturally inclined towards certain things.

Let me be clear: we aren’t “wired” a certain way.

This isn’t an argument for genetic determinism, but we do have definite proclivities.

You know, the things that make you you.  If you amplify those, it's going to be much more effective than trying to manage your weak links. 

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Chandler StevensComment
Keep Pulling

Keep pulling.  Those threads are more closely woven than you think.

There’s a story that I haven’t shared with many people, but let me start out with a thought...

When I’m working with clients, I try to err more on the side of “existential” than “analytical.” I think it’s the Gestalt psychotherapy influence, but rather than find “the reason why,” I tend to think it’s more useful to stick with the two pillars:

  • Now, & 

  • How

What’s going on right here and right now? And how is it occurring?

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Candid Thoughts On Trust The Flux

I will choose to approach things lightly and playfully... instead of with dread and seriousness, which are both so constraining. I will think clearer thoughts with less "what if"​ and more "what is".

I choose to make focus and clarify priorities. When I start to feel stressed or as if something is
ruined," I'll choose to take the heaviness away and see it for what it is... something to play with,
something to figure out, to learn from, and grow with.”

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