Finally, A Pain-Free Approach To Boost Shoulder Function!

  • Do you feel like your shoulder mobility is limiting your training & practice?

  • Are you stuck with a nagging injury like SLAP tears, dislocation, or impingement?

  • Do you feel stuck with chronically tense shoulders despite stretching & yoga?

If you're reading this, then the conventional approaches haven't done you much good.  You've probably tried it all without success, and that's a frustrating feeling.  Shoulder injuries are some of the most limiting!

Now imagine a life free of nagging shoulder tension.  Where you have effortless range of motion and can get back to the activities you love--be it working out, handstand practice, or improving your overhead lifts.  Where you know the root cause of your shoulder problems, and have the tools to unravel tension & develop real-world strength & mobility.  No more weakness or hesitation in your movement.  You can move with ease and find strength in your body again.

Sounds nice, right?  

Well, I've put together an easy-to-follow course that can teach you how to do just that.  

Scroll down to learn more about how you can finally unlock your shoulders.

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Who I Am & Why I built This Course For You

Hi there!  I'm Chandler Stevens, and I teach people how to find more function & more freedom in their bodies.

When I was in college I suffered a major shoulder injury in jiu jitsu that kept me sidelined for months.  Meanwhile I tried all the usual advice: rest-ice-compress, go to yoga, get massages...and things only got worse.  I was stuck with a shoulder that just didn't work.  And I was spinning my wheels trying to improve it.

I was frustrated & depressed.  Nothing I did seemed to work, and I felt like I had tried everything under the sun.  So I went back to the drawing board & started to learn what was really going on in my shoulder.  I read heavily in neuroscience & embodied cognition.  I studied developmental & ancestral movement.  I devoured the science behind mobility & flexibility.  

And in all of these seemingly separate disciplines I heard the same concepts.  Over time I blended these into what I've found to be the most effective way to restore shoulder function, an integrated approach that treats the shoulder as part of a living system, not just a hunk of meat.  I've been using it for years now, not just on myself but with my students as well.  And time & time again I've seen it work with great results!

One student was able to stop going to physical therapy, finally move his arm without pain, and start handstands of his own!  Another was able to get back to his golf game just in time for a ProAm tournament.  And another broke free of months of depression after suffering a potentially career-ending injury.

It's amazing what happens when you start working with the body, instead of against it.

But along the way I had to get past some pretty major hurdles, things like:

  • Endless foam rolling and massage...with nothing to show for it
  • Conventional corrective exercise and rubber band exercises
  • Falling for the "no pain, no gain" myth...and re-injuring myself in the process

Simply put?

Most approaches to shoulder injuries treat the shoulder like a one-dimensional machine.  

But there's so much more to the story.  We need to look at the whole puzzle for true health & function.  We need to see how your body's hardware & software work together for strength, flexibility, and ease.  If we don't, we risk doing more harm than good.

We need to take a step back from the cut-and-paste approach of modern fitness & physical therapy.  Through years of research and exploration I've found that we need a broad, big picture approach if we want to truly unlock the shoulders.  

And I've put that exact method together for you in this course. 

WHAT EXACTLY IS THE "Unlock Your Shoulders" Course?

This course is a self-study program designed to give you a user's guide for the shoulders.  In this 5-part video course you'll find practical lessons in embodied movement, pain neuroscience, flexibility & mobility, and much more.

It's a big picture look at what it takes to build & maintain healthy, functional shoulders.

You'll notice significant improvement in your shoulders on Day 1, and after a couple of weeks of practice, you'll find unprecedented ease & function.

As you go through these video modules you'll learn:

  • Why seemingly "permanent" injuries don't have to be a life sentence.
  • The 3-part formula to get your nervous system out of the "red zone" of pain & tension.
  • Smart alternatives to the repetitive exercises that got us here in the first place.
  • A daily practice for huge gains in mobility & function.
  • And much more!

Want A Taste Of The Material?

Take a look at this introductory module to get a sample of the course.  Your shoulders will thank you.

What other students are saying

"Before working together I suffered and struggled with pain in my shoulder from an injury years before and was plagued with an ever present dull ache.  The movements you taught me are completely different than I was doing on the "machines" in the gym. Not only were they easier on my body, they provided results with much less time to complete.  Biggest takeaway is "more" does not always mean better.  Crazy thing is that when I started training with you I was sure I wasn't doing enough to get the results I needed.  Wrong!  Amazing what can happen when you are taught how and why the body works.  **Mind officially blown!!**" - Nate Forman
"My body was limited in what it could do even when I had the desire to be more active.  As I continue in this endeavor, I am able to do more physically then any time in my life.  I am more active.  I move better.  I am stronger, healthier, and I'm not limited by my pain.  If anyone is considering making a change, especially if you're experiencing physical pain, it is definitely worth trying!  It has changed my quality of life, and I only wish I began sooner!" - Michelle Pastore

"As a massage therapist for over 15 years...I had some pain and discomfort located in my left elbow akin to golfer’s elbow that was really affecting some massage sessions and ability to work. Through this process, I noticed that it has really improved.  In my everyday life I have become even more in tune & aware with every movement, recruiting just enough tension rather than more than is necessary, whether it is sitting at a desk, massaging a client, practicing yoga, driving a car, etc." - William Bennet

Enroll In The "Unlock your shoulders" course Today

What you'll get:

  • The full "Unlock Your Shoulders" training course, 5 weeks of video lessons...teaching you exactly how to improve your shoulder mobility and move pain-free again
  • Lifelong access to course materials & that as I learn more, you do too : )
  • 30 days of VIP email support...making sure you have ZERO unanswered questions about how to put this into practice for yourself

Register now for only $147.

And Guess What?  I have a rock-solid 21-day 100% guarantee.

Typical online products don't have much in the way of guarantees.  I think that's a little crazy.  So if you actively participate in the course, but feel like you don't get tremendous value from it, you can email me ( before the 22nd day after purchase, and I'll happily refund your full payment.

The best part is...

If you think there's even a slight chance that this is the course for you, you'll be able to try the material risk-free and decide for yourself.  Most folks ask me "Aren't you worried that people will just take advantage of you?" 

Nope.  Maybe I'm overly trusting, but I've worked with students around the world and have only been asked for a refund once.  On the 21st day (I'll let you be the judge).  

Now Let's Clear One Thing Up

If you've read this far, I know you want to improve the way your shoulders function.  You want more mobility and strength.  You want the freedom to move without pain or hesitation.  You want to dive into your practice with gusto.

So what are you going to do about it?

You know by now that you're capable of change.  You know that your body can heal and adapt.  And the only way for that to happen is if you do something different.  So if you're ready to finally stop spinning your wheels, and if you're ready to make rapid progress on how well your shoulders feel and function, it's time to enroll in "Unlock Your Shoulders".  Click below to get started today.


I'm so busy.  Do I have time for this?

Most of the lessons will take you 15-20 minutes, but if your schedule gets hectic, don't worry.  You'll have access to all course material (& future updates) for life.

How is this different from yoga or other exercises?

This approach works with the body as a system, not just a pile of parts.  Rather than say stretch this, strengthen that we take an in-depth look at how the shoulder really works.  This syncs up your nervous system with the muscles & bones for a program unlike any other.

Isn't all of this information online somewhere for free?

It sure is!  But there's nowhere else where you'll find so much integration of neuroscience, anatomy & physiology, mindfulness & mobility.  I've accumulated this information over years of intensive study with some of the brightest minds in these fields.  Most folks don't have that luxury, so I've compiled it into one easily accessible course. 

Do I need any equipment or a gym membership?

You may want a mat for some of the movements, but it's not a requirement.  All you really need is your body!

I'm not very patient.  Will I see quick results?

Most students that I've worked with see significant improvement in their overall mobility & ease within just one lesson.  However, for even more progress I highly recommend giving yourself a couple of weeks to work through the lessons.