What’s Stopping You From Becoming Who You Are?


Do you ever get the feeling that — somewhere along the way — you’ve allowed life to control you instead of carving out the time to truly live it how you’d like?

The world is so complex and so saturated with information. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different things you could be doing. Instead of taking the simple steps that you know would move you in the right direction, you find yourself fumbling. You end up spinning your wheels in "analysis paralysis".

You feel stuck in your body, stuck in your mind, afraid of making it to the end with the best of yourself left untapped.

If you’re here, I know you’re striving for more authenticity in your life and your work. You may not be able to see it clearly yet, but you know you’re ready to step forward into something richer and more meaningful than anything you’ve ever done.

And yet there’s something in your way…

Each day that goes by sinks you deeper and deeper into the ruts you’ve carved for yourself, and it eats at you. You’re hard on yourself…more than you need to be. But you know nothing’s going to change unless you do. The way you’ve been doing things just creates more of the same for yourself and those you love, and you know it’s time for a shift.

I know the feeling well.

A few years into my coaching career I was flying back from a workshop in Seattle. Our connection was in Denver, and as we came over the mountains we hit a nasty storm. The pilot tried to bring us down three separate times, and three times he had to swing us back up. All the while the storm tossed us around.

Half the plane was sobbing.  The other half was puking. All I could think was:

"What a f---ing waste if I die here."

Well, you know how it goes. I made it out alive. 

I got back home to Louisville and curled up in a ball on the lawn. I had never been more grateful for solid ground. I started thinking, questioning everything I had been spending my time on.

Up in that plane it hit me that I wasn't doing the work that I truly wanted to be doing. 

But then what? Was I going to throw away everything I'd built? Should I give up on something I had given so much of myself to? 

I was at a loss. 

And frankly, still a bit in shock after the flight.

I spun my wheels for weeks.  I couldn't figure out what came next, and I kept asking myself…  

What do you do when you don't know what to do?

I knew that what I was spending my time on wasn’t working. I was unfulfilled, but I couldn’t put my finger on why. It was time to figure out who I was and what I really wanted.

More than any “thing,” what I wanted was a feeling, a sense of authenticity and depth, of integrity through and through. I wanted to figure out who I’d be if I was myself - to the fullest. This led me back to the roots of the somatic work I’d begun studying. Whatever change I was after, it needed to incorporate all of myself, body and mind. It needed to put me back in touch with the entirety of myself.

Within a few months of deep practice and reflection things changed in ways I couldn’t have predicted.

I found a new sense of grounding, and from that base of support I was able to freely speak up and express myself in my relationships and my work. I ended up tearing my business down to the foundation and rebuilding it from the ground up. Within a year it had doubled my previous record year. Even better? I was doing work I was proud of, work that felt congruent with who I was and what I wanted to bring to the world.

It caught me by surprise at first, but my clients saw similar ripples throughout their own lives. We knew that there was something much bigger going on.

Here’s what they experienced:

Truly holistic self-development...without the fluff.

I was exhausted and lost in the deep end of information overload. I was constantly searching for the next best method, tip, trick, technique, certification, or modality for working with my own personal goals as well as facilitating clients. I was struggling how to talk about my work and find clients I enjoy working with.

Chandler’s body of work is a refreshing oasis within all the other options. He doesn’t claim his way is more superior than others. He takes a non-dogmatic, authentic, sincere approach.

He broke everything down and now it all seems so much simpler. Everything feels so much better now! I have more clarity and confidence moving forward, and everything I am applying is potent with the results I’ve been looking for.
— Tim Norton

I’m intelligent and curious and a complete nerd - so the last thing I want to do is pay someone to tell me a whole lot of things I can find myself for free.

There are so many people doing work in the world who promise more than they can deliver. It’s heartening to find someone who can deliver everything he promises.

With Chandler I was able to easily and naturally identify issues I had struggled to articulate for years. I’d say that’s his hallmark: ease and naturalness. His understanding is deep, his questions are insightful, and his recommendations are exact.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the work we did changed my life and that I am living more fully because of it.

It gave me such a different experience of the world.

We’re all a part of it – part of the whole. It’s more than primitive; it’s primeval – it’s beyond “Long ago and far away…” all the way back to “In the beginning…” It’s life, itself – and we are part of that – we are life expressing itself. And when we live with our bodies – not just in them, but with them – we remember it.

That’s what working with Chandler helped me see, helped me get clear on, helped me to do: live.
— Heather Elliott

This course offered me tools with which to interrupt myself when I feel victimized by circumstances or emotions.

It reminded me that I can decide how to look at a situation and how to interpret it, and that in making these decisions I can start to feel better, learn better, move better, think better, and relate better.

Chandler teaches how to wield the potent weapons of honesty and creativity to shape your destiny.

It sounds like hyperbole, but listen to what is being offered and you won’t think of it that way anymore. And along the way, one couldn’t ask for a friendlier, more caring, or more down to earth guide.
— Mark Steinberg

I was struggling with chronic pain that had spiraled into an identity crisis. There was something holding me back from realizing my full potential.

You helped me use movement and awareness to figure out what things— in my body, my mind and my life—I needed to focus on.

By reframing myself as the hero, not the victim, I now had to play the part.

I am feeling amazing! My body has let go of even more tension. I am feeling so much more flexible and capable.”
— Lauren Klatsky

You can tap into that feeling for yourself, starting right now.

If you’re going on a journey like that, you’re going to need a compass. Your particular journey is going to be unlike anyone else’s, so you’ll need some way to chart your own course.

I’d like to give you to that compass.

I’ve put together a simple-to-practice program to help you. When you go through it, you’ll find…

1) Effortless Centering & Grounding

You know firsthand that it’s hard to feel effective when you’re spinning your wheels or floating through life. Being yourself starts with knowing yourself, and this program will show you:

  • How to slow down and stop feeling so anxious

  • Simple ways to take up space with ease

  • 5 of the most effective ways to keep your cool in the face of stress

2) Clarity & Focus

Changing your perspective changes everything. When you can’t see the forest for the trees, you’ll fumble your way through life. Instead, this program will give you a way to:

  • Identify what matters most - and learn how to give it the focus it needs

  • Broaden your awareness of the world around you

  • Discover how hidden tension in your eyes sabotages your quality of movement

3) Confidence & Creative Expression

Being able to speak your mind is crucial for living a life of integrity. And yet it’s one of the most biggest challenges for many of us. As you work through this course you’ll find:

  • How to speak up for yourself with confidence

  • The most effective body/mind practices for clear communication

  • What you can do to free yourself from feeling self-conscious about your real passions

4) Clear Discernment & Healthy Boundaries

If you’re alive, you need boundaries. That means knowing what’s good for you, what’s not, and having a way to bring more of the former and less of the latter in your life. This program guides you through a ground-breaking approach to:

  • Raise your standards for yourself, and watch your world open up

  • Treat yourself like someone you want the best for

  • Tap your body’s internal wisdom to make more effective decisions for the rest of your life.

Sounds pretty good right?

Here’s how you’ll make it happen.

The course is set up as a 4 week experience, sent by email directly to your inbox (beginning December 1).

You’ll get daily lessons walking you through a treasure-trove of body/mind practices to help you create a deep, embodied understanding of yourself. Each lesson will take you only 15-20 minutes, but you can extend them up to 45 minutes or more.

At the end of each week you’ll also get prompts for reflection that will help you integrate your learning, growth, and development. When you finish the program, you’ll have lifetime access to the materials. It’s not uncommon for people to go through the program 2, 3, or 4 times afterwards! Each time through they peel back more layers and harvest new insights.

This program won’t change your life. You will.

It’s there only to show you how to identify and mobilize your untapped potential.

You can get started right now for just $197.

And yes, you’re absolutely safe to try it out for yourself.

Unlike most other leaders in this space I offer a complete guarantee on all of my courses. You can go through the entire program and see firsthand how powerful it is. If you’re not thrilled at the end, just let me know, and I’ll give you a full refund.

Does that sound fair?

If so, then click the button below to save a spot.

(I’m sending out a series of bonus resources — audio, video, and PDFs for you if you sign up ahead of time)

Unsure? Here’s what you need to know…

For one reason or another most people sleepwalk through life. They play it safe and small, or they wear masks, acting out some sort of role. They stick to well-worn and familiar roads.

They never make the decision to wake up.

If you’ve read this far, I don’t think you’re like most people, but only you know for sure.

Are you willing to wait to be who you really are? If so, how long?

You know that continuing down the same road is only going to take you to the same places. Going through the motions day after day leads to a lackluster future. This could be the moment you turn down a new road, one that opens up a whole new world for yourself. A world where you’re free to be the fullest version of yourself, living with clarity, confidence, and ease.

If that’s what you choose, here’s what to do now.

Click below to get started.

And if you still have questions, please reach out by email: chandler (at) chandlerstevens.com. I’ll personally help you figure out whether or not this is a good fit for you.