If you’ve ever struggled with nagging muscle tension, embarrassing poor posture, or ongoing injuries…

Wake Up Your “Spinal Freedom” To Unlock More Mobility, Fluidity, and Ease In All Your Movement

Simply put: the spine is your “true north” for your quality of movement.

When you have dysfunction or restricted mobility in the spine, the rest of the joints shut down, and your whole compass is skewed. That means you can try all of the drills under the sun for your hips or shoulders…all of the strength training you want…even throwing out your desk for a standing desk, but until you find your spinal freedom, you’ll never experience the free-flowing movement you want.


Unfortunately the deck is stacked against you.

The norms of day-to-day life don’t create a healthy environment for spinal health:

  1. Maintaining the same position throughout the day,

  2. Treading water with continual low-level stress,

  3. Suffering from past emotional hurts,

All contribute to a stiff, rigid spine.

But here’s the most important thing to remember:

Your spine is a mirror for your life!

Picture the person with the sunken chest, forward slump, and perpetual slouch…

Do you think she’ll be able to take up space, command respect, or be taken seriously in her relationships?

Not likely.

Or the person who walks around with a perpetually puffed up chest, rigidly holding onto a sense of control…

Is that the guy that people will be able to deeply connect with, or trust with sensitive issues?

Probably not.

One isn’t better than the other, but in order to make the most of yourself you need to be able to embody both. Having options for how you move — and how you present yourself — allows you to respond more easily & effectively to the situation at hand, no matter what it may be.

Those options are the currency of your life, and unlocking your spinal freedom gives you the “keys to the vault.”

That’s what the “Spinal Freedom” online workshops are all about.

How it works:

Over the course of two video segments you’ll create a rich understanding of your brain/body connection and experience 6 keystone movement sequences that “clean the slate” on the spine’s foundational patterns: flexion, extension, and rotation. Each sequence — approximately 25 minutes long — guides you through a series of surprisingly simple movements that lead to big changes in your ability to move.

Once you know the sequence you’ll be able to give your body a tune up any time you need, for the rest of your life.


Because they aren’t based on “cadaver cues” from old-school anatomy…

They’re based on the living, breathing human body and how it functions in the real world.

Each sequence taps into the neurological foundations of human movement and leverages the same strategies that help babies first learn to walk & talk. You’re not a baby of course, but your body can make use of this “ground level” approach to create new brain/body connections…all of which give you more mobility, more ease, and more control - faster than most think possible.


But there’s a catch: this process is very different from the norm.

There’s no stretching. No feeling of “working out.” In fact you might feel as if you’re doing too little to be effective.

And that’s the secret. Doing less than you think will actually give you MORE results.

As one participant put it:

That was beyond words - I have double the extension and 300% more rotation…

I might not have words before, but I have plenty now and they all are synonyms of ‘amazing!’ Thanks for sharing all this awesome stuff and changing the world through how people move and feel in their bodies!

So if you can take a leap of faith and trust that your body is capable of more than you think, then you’re going to be amazed by the way you feel and move after experiencing the Spinal Freedom workshop. Put simply: unlocking freedom in your spine gives you an un-f***-withable sense of self, and you’re just moments away from tapping into that for yourself.

Here’s what other students said afterwards:

I was able to see at least twice as high after the extension practice. I really feel that old muscle memories are holding back some of my progress in some of my movement, and I believe THIS kind of work will help me help myself.
— CT
Thank you! This was deep. I am just completely more in my wholeness.
— JM
Initially my sense of contact the the ground was ‘light’ for lack of a better word... at the end I could feel the contact with much more fullness and presence.
— LD
Practicing this has been life changing in that way you just spoke about—it has infused small moments of awareness in daily life to make small adjustments in my body that i would never have made before…
— AJ
Ripples of tension releasing, really like sensing the rotation with full spinal presence.
— DL
I’m amazingly present! 3X the rotation.
— MB

And if you’re skeptical that an online workshop can really help, check this out:

Fab workshop thanks. Feel great and very balanced after that. It’s a funny thing isn’t it the neural system?

I was interested how well an online workshop worked. It was actually not very different to doing in situ. Cues were spot on and extremely clear.
— SJ

Get started right away

You can get started for just $65. The workshop begins as soon as you register, and you have lifelong access to the lessons.

You can go through all 3 hours at once or break it up into chunks throughout the week. Either way you’re going to notice surprising changes in your quality of movement, posture & alignment, plus your mood - right away.