Discover How To Overcome Pain And Live The Life You Want.

Are you struggling with chronic pain?  Does it make you feel frustrated?  Discouraged?  Is it keeping you from being the version of yourself you KNOW you could be?

If so, I'm glad you're here.  I'm writing this for you.

What you need to know is:

Chronic pain is not a life-sentence, but the conventional models of understanding pain set us up for failure.

I know it because I lived it.


Hi there, I'm Chandler.

I'm a movement specialist and somatic educator, and I work with people around the world to help them move past pain and reclaim a life they love.

I know exactly what it's like to feel like you're stuck with chronic pain. 

Early in my 20s I suffered two big injuries in Brazilian jiu jistu that ended up putting me in the hospital.  The after-effects lasted for years. 

I couldn't move well.  I struggled with pain and stiffness.  And it made me incredibly depressed.

After years of searching for a solution and tens of thousands of dollars spent along the way, I finally managed to feel whole again.  It was a one-eighty

You know firsthand why movement is so important:

  • It's how you live the life you want.
  • It connects you to the world around you.
  • It's infinitely more enjoyable than conventional fitness.
  • It gives you a sense of meaning and joy.
  • It helps you be the version of you that you most want to be.

But so many of us struggle to move as well as we want.

And you know by now that it doesn't get better on its own.

Endlessly searching for information without taking action gets you nowhere.

But unfortunately "just doing something" about it isn't enough.  People make a lot of mistakes when it comes to moving better, and they often end up doing more harm than good.


Are You Making Any Of These Common Mistakes?

1) You Build on imbalances and poor Movement Patterns.

This is a killer.  When you build on a shaky foundation, it's no wonder that things fall apart.  I wish it were an exaggeration, but most people out there are literally one wrong move away from catastrophic injury.  If you aren't doing your utmost to make sure that your body is able to move well, then adding intense training on top of it is an accident waiting to happen.

Put simply: you have to assess and address your weak links to ensure you make lasting progress.

2) You Stay in the box of this-or-that discipline.

You're an animal.  It's time to move like it. 

Millions of years of evolutionary tinkering left us with the ability to perform a wide variety of complex movements in diverse environments.  When you limit yourself to this-or-that discipline (whether it's yoga, weight lifting, or dance) you set yourself up for trouble.  There's no inherently better or worse movement.  We need a variety of movements to ensure we're not falling prey to compensations.  We need to strike a balance between strength and easy, flexibility and control, power and grace.

3) You go through the motions without understanding what's really going on.

It's so common for people to revert to simply going through the motions. 

They see a certain drill online or on social media and make the mistake of thinking it's inherently useful.  

But if you aren't aware of what you're doing with your body and why, then you're basically playing darts in a dark room with a blindfold on.  There's no way you're going to win that game.

What you need in order to feel real confidence in your body for the long haul is an in-depth understanding of how it works.  Then you'll be empowered to make more intelligent choices in how you train.  You'll know how to assess your own weak links, how to identify what types of movements will address them, and how to safely put them into practice.

You wouldn't take a road trip without a GPS right?  Don't expect your movement practice to be any different.  You need to know the lay of the land if you want to get anywhere.

4) You don't have a clear idea of WHY you're practicing.

This is critically important.

A movement practice is so rewarding, but it isn't always easy.  It takes some hard work and deliberate choices.  If you don't know your real reason WHY you're practicing, you'll flake at the first sign of difficulty.

We're meaning-making animals.  We need stories to survive.  

When you anchor yourself to a vision for why you're doing what you're doing, you can persevere and craft a practice for the rest of your life.

5) You don't address the context you move in.

Remember what I said about deliberate choices?

Your day-to-day choices (intentional or not) completely shape how you move.  Your body is shaped by:

  • The places and spaces you spend your time,
  • Your emotions and relationships, &
  • The actions you take every single day.

If you don't address the overall context of your life, you'll be back to Square One in no time.  Moving better isn't about what you do for an hour a day, a few days per week.  It's about everything you do every day.  

Having a way to simplify this process is crucial.  It gives you more rapid results that last longer because they're woven into how you live your life.


Here's What It Really Takes To Move Better...

Over the years I've spent tens of thousands of dollars (over $15,000 last year alone) searching for the truth about how we move better.  I've worked in a huge variety of modalities:

  • Natural movement
  • Somatic education
  • Gymnastic strength
  • Functional Range Conditioning 
  • Martial arts
  • Dance

In my own search for better movement.  I wanted to look beyond dogmas and trade techniques to find the common threads that link all of these different fields together.  I wanted to learn the principles behind the practice.  What I came to realize is that there's a surprisingly simple framework to move better...

1) Examine The Context.


It all starts with awareness. 

What's your day-to-day environment like?  What role is it playing in your movement?  Are you stressed or fulfilled?  Desk-bound or on the training floor?  How aware are you of your body's innate signals?

This helps you understand how and why your body feels and functions the way it does.

2) Identify Key Constraints.


Once you've taken a bird's eye view of your movement, it's time to zoom in.  

What specifically is limiting you?  Do your hips know how to organize with strength and control?  Are your shoulders able to coordinate effectively with your spine.

When you pinpoint specific weak links in your body's organization, you're able to shift the balance of the entire system.

3) Develop Intelligent Practices. 


It's time to integrate what you've learned from your context and your constraints. 

How can you develop practices that intelligently move you from Point A to Point B?  How do you address your limits and shift your habits to enact massive change for the better?

This is where cookie-cutter programs fall short.  You need to develop a practice that's unique to you, your body, and your life.

It's a simple framework, but nobody seems to be talking about it.  Everybody is too busy squabbling over their trade secrets or wrapping things up in mystery.

There's not enough transparency and authenticity in this field, and that's why I'm so passionate about the work that I do. 

I think you deserve to know the truth of how your body works.  It's a natural right.

Now I know it seems like a simple framework, but I guarantee that it works.  Just take a look at what some of my past students say about working with me...


What Others Say About This Approach:

I’ve never had more fun, gotten better results, or felt this good so quickly in my whole life.

My mobility has sky rocketed, I recover faster, and I am running and bouncing around like a kid again.

I’d recommend Chandler to anyone looking to gain confidence & strength in their own bodies.  

Man or woman, young or old, Chandler will get you where you want to be.
— Zach Franke

I struggled with limited mobility in my knees after taking a fall on both of them on my sidewalk. I could walk without pain, but kneeling & squatting wasn’t happening. I didn’t know what to do.

Being 60 yrs old, you don’t just bounce back from something like this.

My whole life is different!

My awareness of how I do things & move my body has grown 110%! I thought I was aware of how I lived in my body, but I was missing so many important parts. I’m happy to report my knees have more mobility & less pain, that’s a big deal to me!! Also I have more mobility & better balance overall. It’s only going to keep getting better. Ha!

Chandler shares his vast knowledge of movement, somatics & play in such a way that made me realize that I’m much more capable than I thought. With weekly calls, videos & practices, it’s changed my whole lifestyle for the better! He’s an amazing coach, I will forever be grateful to him.
— Pamella Garvin

After years of stretching, releasing and opening, I still had such limited mobility in certain areas of my body. 

I figured I’d overstretched from all the yoga, and I felt a little betrayed by my practice.

I have so much more confidence in myself as a yoga teacher and personal trainer now.  

In just one month’s time, I’ve learned so much...It feels like I’ve discovered the missing pieces in my experience with my body and my trainings as a yoga teacher and CPT.
— Erika Newell

Where do I begin?

Since we started working together this past spring, I have noticed many positive and significant, improvements in my body overall.

After going through the assessment with you, and identifying my weak areas, you have been able to put a plan together to address those weaknesses, and to gradually build upon them.

The improvement I’ve made in three months has been quite profound. I have significantly less aches and pains now, and have a lot more range of motion in all my joints.

I’ve never experienced such a transformation in all my life in such a short period of time.

As a former competitive athlete and college tennis player, and being a very active man that is quickly approaching 50 years of age, I can’t thank you enough!

My body now feels like it did when I was a younger man, but in many ways, it feels and works even better than it did when I was in my 20’s and 30’s.

Chandler, I can’t recommend you enough, and am looking forward to working with you over the next three months to see even more improvement on what we’ve been working on. My body loves it, and so do I!!
— Pierre Dommestrup

It Worked For Them, And It Will Work For You.

When we work together, you can expect:

  • Expert guidance and advice, anywhere in the world.  We can meet by phone, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or WhatsApp.
  • A one-of-a-kind assessment to give you a crystal clear idea of exactly what's holding you back in your movement.
  • Personalized coaching to help you create positive changes in your environment and lifestyle so that you find holistic improvements.
  • Simple-to-understand movement programming and practices so that you can unlock new ranges of motion, learn new skills, and find freedom in your body.
  • Easy access to me for specific questions to help you make better sense of your body and develop deeper understanding.
  • Tailored video, audio, and written resources so that you leave empowered to be your own coach.

I can confidently say: changing your movement can change your life.

But this program isn't a good fit for everyone.

It's perfect for you if you:

  • Feel like movement is a part of what makes you you.
  • Are looking for longevity and balance (not just quick fixes).
  • Love being outdoors.
  • Are interested in the mind/body connection.
  • Can handle a bit of autonomy (I'm here to guide and meet you halfway, not dictate your every movement).

It's NOT a good fit if you:

  • Spend more time shopping for information than applying it.
  • Want a cheap solution.
  • Can't hold yourself accountable.
  • Feel like you "know it all" already.
  • Aren't open to the mind/body connection.
  • Ask for help without receiving it.


Now that we've cleared that up, I want to invite you to apply for a free "connect the dots" coaching call to see whether or not this is the right program for you.

At the end of our call we'll have a clear decision whether or not it's a perfect fit.

I only work with a small number of private clients at any given time, so please know: there's no hard sell.  If it isn't a "Hell yes" fit for both of us, then it's a "Hell no."  

I review applications thoroughly, so please only apply if you're serious about moving better and committed to learning how it's done.

It's Decision Time.

You're made of choices.  The choices that you make shape who you are and how you move.  At this point you can:

  1. Do nothing.  You know where that leads.
  2. Continue doing the same things you've been doing.  Are they working for you?
  3. Make new choices and get new results.  You can finally learn how to move freely and make the most of your body.

Which do you want?  The choice is yours.

Click below to apply for a complimentary Breakthrough Session today.

I'll help you find clarity on what's keeping you in pain and simple steps you can take to break the cycle.

If it's a good fit, I'll share how we can work together moving forward, but either way I promise this will be the most insightful hour you spend on yourself all year.