Nothing Changes Until You Do.

We humans are amazingly complex.  

We're self-aware animals, and we live in a completely unnatural environment of our own making.  Too many of us struggle with symptoms of this strange context:

  • We can't move well, and we grow more and more frustrated with our bodies.
  • We lose touch with the natural world, and we wonder why we're depressed and anxious.
  • Our relationships are strained, and we feel alone even with other people.
  • We do unfulfilling work and keep our real passions on hold.
  • We disconnect from our bodies and emotions, and life feels like it's running on autopilot.

Sound familiar?

Ecosomatics can help you overcome these challenges.

It's a unique approach to self-development that revolves around movement and awareness.  

Through natural movement lessons, body awareness exercises, and guided self-inquiry, you can expand what you're capable of throughout your life.  We work with the understanding that your mind, body, and environment are fundamentally connected.  

Zooming out to examine the big picture context is the only way to make lasting changes and truly become your best self.