For men who want to be fully present, connected, and engaged with the world around them...

Are you passionate about developing strength, mobility, and the ability to tackle any challenge life brings?

Do you feel like you're coasting without a clear purpose of inspiring direction moving forward?

Are you spinning your wheels tackling the question of WHY in your life?

Then this is for you.

Here's why:

There's a way to embody the very best of yourself. 

A path to make a massive impact in your own life and the lives of those around you. 

It's not easy, but it beats the alternative...

Too many men let one day blend into the next, year after year until they wake up and realize they've lost themselves.

They feel disconnected from the world around them.  They silently suffer from loneliness and a loss of meaning.  They live in a constant state of "What if," too busy dreaming up possibilities to take direct action.

What do they try to do?

  • They bury themselves in work, overwhelming themselves with "busy-ness" to avoid the pressing challenges and worthwhile tasks.
  • They turn to exercise and push their bodies to the breaking point, hoping for a sense of control and order.
  • They obsess over this-or-that hobby or diversion to keep themselves occupied.

They stagnate and lose their spark.

The problem is that they're living the wrong story.

You're wired to live into the archetypal hero's journey.  It's a myth as old as our species.  

  1. There's a call to adventure.
  2. The hero meets a guide.
  3. There are tests: a journey to Hell, a dive into the whale's belly, a dragon to slay.
  4. There's apotheosis: the transcendent moment of elevation to something greater than he was.
  5. The hero returns home, able to live fully in the world.

Sound familiar?

It's the core story of every book, movie, or video game you've loved and immersed yourself in.

It's a journey I'd like to invite you to take.

It's the focus of Embrace The Elements, a men's natural movement immersion.

What is it?


The event is three days of:

  • Time outdoors
  • Natural movement
  • Awareness practices
  • Rough-housing
  • Self-inquiry
  • Philosophy
  • Fire  

Food and lodging are included in a private cabin within the stunning Red River Gorge in Eastern Kentucky.

In case we haven't met, my name is Chandler Stevens, and I'll be your host.


I'm a movement specialist and self-development coach. 

After grappling for years with issues around mobility, self-confidence, personal clarity, and purpose, I've carved out a life that I love: from my body, to my work, to my relationships.

I work with clients around the world in my private coaching practice, and I've had the pleasure to teach in university classrooms, corporate offices and government agencies alike.

Who is This for?


Well, men obviously.  

Men who love to move.  Men who want more meaning & clarity.   Men who value connection.  Men who want more time in the natural world.  Men who recognize the right and responsibility they have to craft a better world for themselves and those they love.


To cultivate awareness so that we can live in line with who we want to be.  

To embrace personal growth & development so that we can be fully present for those who depend on us.  

To get back to basics so that we can find clarity in what matters most.  

To master our movement so that we can fully engage with life.

Is This Legit?

You better believe it.  My writing and coaching have been featured by leaders in movement and personal development:

Check out what past students have to say:

"I've never had more fun, gotten better results, or felt this good so quickly in my whole life.
My mobility has sky rocketed, I recover faster, and I am running and bouncing around like a kid again.
I'd recommend Chandler to anyone looking to gain confidence & strength in their own bodies.  Man or woman, young or old, Chandler will get you where you want to be."  
- Zach Franke
"I can start to feel better, learn better, move better, think better, and relate better.
Chandler teaches how to wield the potent weapons of honesty and creativity to shape your destiny.
It sounds like hyperbole, but listen to what is being offered and you won't think of it that way anymore."
- Mark Steinberg
I struggled with a lot before coming to you...I had been in pain for so long that I had become incredibly depressed.  I believed that I may never be whole again to do all of the things I love.
All of these areas of my body and mind are getting increasingly better every day!
My confidence is growing every day!  I'M NOT BROKEN!"
- James Swantko

When is it?  

January 4th - January 8th, 2018.  Arrive on Thursday evening (1/4) for informal start with fire, food, and introductions.  We dig in Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  For people traveling from out of town, we’ll have the cabin available until Monday morning (1/8).

How Do I Get There?


The cabin is in Red River Gorge in Eastern Kentucky.  We'll coordinate carpools for participants. 

If traveling from out of town, it's recommended that you fly into Cincinnati, OH (CVG). 

From the Cincinnati area, take I-75 S toward Lexington, then I-64 E to KY-11 N. 

How much?

Do you want a bed?  The total cost is $700.  First come, first served.

Do you want to bring a sleeping bag?  The total cost is $500.

Everything is included in the cost: food, lodging, 3 full days of natural movement training, self-development, and mindfulness practices.

You can secure your spot for only $250 today, with the remainder due by 12/31.

Other Questions?

Contact me by email at

A Caveat

If you're on the fence about joining, don't come.  Close this page.  Take some time to explore that resistance.  I can promise you this: it's holding you back in more areas than you realize.

If you're in, be all in.  This is a "Hell Yes" or "Hell No" type of event. 

Half-assed commitments get half-assed results.

You Have A Choice To Make

You know what living the default life leads to.  Continue doing what you've been doing, and you'll continue to get more of the same.

You also know that in order to create something different for yourself, you need to do something different.  

Join us, or don't.  It's your story to write. 

Make it a deliberate one.

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