We Make Magic At The Intersection of

Movement, Conversation, & Awareness


Let's connect the dots.

Let's create a space to learn, move, and relate in a deeper way.

Your body and your movement are how you experience the world around you.  

It's time to give them an upgrade.


Meet Your Facilitator

Hey there, I'm Chandler Stevens.  

I help people who are passionate about the body reclaim their movement and reshape their lives.

See, I believe your relationship to movement mirrors your relationship to life.  I've seen it play out in my own experience and with students around the world.  

When we unlock our bodies and reconnect to a joyful practice, life takes on new vibrancy.

We move with ease and fluidity, reframe our relationship to the world around us, and find deeper connection to the people who matter most.

It's a beautifully interwoven system, one we can intentionally shift through our movement practice.


The Experience

Our group sessions are entirely bespoke.  The curriculum is built around you and your group in the spirit of co-creation.  I bring no agenda, only experience from a wide range of body-mind disciplines.  I've worked with the best in the world, and my goal is to help you connect the dots in your own practice in a meaningful way.  Here are the themes we explore:

Reconnect To Self

• Explore your movement potential and restore lost mobility

• Gain an embodied understanding of the living human system

• Dig into language and your body-story to shift what's possible in your practice

Explore Space & Place

• Reclaim your ability to move freely: from the floor to the trees

• Rekindle a playful connection to your environment

• Come home to your body in its natural habitat

Find Your Tribe

• Craft richer relationships through movement and dialogue

• Explore new complexity in your movement practice

• Rediscover the art of speaking and moving authentically


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