If you're here, you love to move.  It's part of what makes you you.  

You have a deep interest in the body and the mind, and you want to expand what you're capable of.  You want to reclaim fluid movement and develop a richer understanding of yourself.  And you're driven by something bigger...you want to make a positive impact in the world.

But something feels stuck.  

You kind of know what you should be doing, but you struggle to turn theory into practice.  Sometimes it feels like you've hit a wall in your progress, so you're ready to explore the missing links in your practice.  You want to step up and develop a clearer sense of what you bring to the world.  

You're in the right place.  

I'm Chandler Stevens, and I help people who are passionate about the body find confidence in their practice and clarity in their vision.  Through creative coaching in mobility and mindset, I'm here to help you reclaim your movement and reshape your life.  

Our goal is simple: move and be moved.

I work with coaches and teachers, creatives and innovators from around the world.  We make magic at the intersection of movement, conversation, and awareness.

If you feel like you’re on a threshold, right there on the edge of new possibilities in your body and your life, then you're in the right place.  It's time to push the boundaries.  To grow, change, and adapt.

Let's dig in and see what you're capable of.