Hi there, and thanks for enrolling in Foundations!

First off I'd like to congratulate you on your decision to join us.  You've made a crucial first step on the path to better movement.  You're going to find a whole new way to look at your body & your movement.  And at the end of this course you're going to be feeling pretty dang good : ) 

Past students have said...

"Thank you for all the work, care, wisdom and experience you put into this course. There was so much that was inspiring, thought-provoking, exciting and helpful. And your enthusiasm for what you teach and the great energy you evince is contagious and a great reminder of how much joy we can find in learning and in life. I absolutely am more aware of my habits and more curious about moving more and differently." - Mark

"I’ve learned that 'strength training' doesn’t have to mean sit-ups and push-ups and exercises that would be very painful for me...I feel that I’m moving in different ways, rather than being stuck in moving in just a few ways that I adopted to try to control pain.  So I’m getting over some ideas that I can only move this way or that way, and finding that there are more choices in movement and posture.  The most impressive processes to me are the controlled rotations and the sitting on the floor in various positions for a little while each.  They’ve increased my comfort a lot." - Mary

"Body feels great so automatically that puts me in better mood. Bizarrely I'm more helpful to others now because I'm happy to be moving around. Also can get off the floor from a seated position without using my hands, well chuffed with that!  Also I have more time on my hands because I'm not rushing off to the gym or spending half my evenings stretching and foam rolling!" - Kevin

Again I'm so glad to have you with us for this mobility course.  After a couple of wicked injuries and the wear and tear of "normal life", these exercises helped me make a huge recovery to get me to where I am today.

I can't wait to see where you take them.  In the meantime, here's what I need you to do: Click this link to answer a few intake questions.

After you do that, go ahead and dive in!  You can access the entire course here:


You'll see that I've included a few bonuses to take your progress even further.  I couldn't resist!

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