Your Mobility Is Your "Movement Currency".

If you improve your mobility, you'll feel the benefits ripple out into every aspect of your practice and training.

See, most of us go through life dealing with one or more of the following...

  • Lifelong mobility issues and nagging pains from old injuries
  • Disconnect from our bodies
  • Frustration with stalled progress despite hours of hard work
  • Feeling like you're constantly working on your body instead of living in it
  • Confusion over the puzzle-piece approach to the body
  • A lack of enjoyment in your training and an endless struggle with conventional methods

If that sounds familiar, you've probably tried everything from yoga to Feldenkrais, soft tissue work and adjustments, endless hours of stretching, foam rolling and bands, and STILL nothing has worked as well as you'd like.  Am I right?

I know the can be frustrating and demoralizing.  It shouldn't be this complicated!  

Picture's three months from now, and you feel like you flipped a switch:

  • You're more vibrant and capable, with more energy and focus
  • You find more comfort in your body, and move with ease
  • You've recovered from chronic injuries and gained renewed strength and flexibility
  • You feel more connected and can be your best self
  • You can finally enjoy your training to the fullest
  • You're confident that you can take care of your body and continue to make progress as you age
  • You can dive in to the activities that matter most: playing with your kids on the floor, hiking with your buddies, and living day-to-day life effortlessly

In a nutshell: you're able to do the things you want to do better.

there's a surprisingly simple, Step-By-Step system to get Yourself there.  Click Below To Enroll Today, Or Keep reading To LEarn more.

"I have so much more confidence in myself as a yoga teacher and personal trainer now. Now I get it--that there were plenty of places in my body where I didn’t even have neural pathways established! In just one month’s time, I’ve learned so much about how joints should actually work, what kind of control you should expect to have when you are moving your muscles through joint ranges of motion.

Your program is definitely unlike anything I’ve ever done, and I’ve worked with quite a few trainers and yoga teachers in the past. I like to think of it as the prequel to my yoga/strength training. It’s the prehabilitation that I should have had before getting in over my head and dealing subsequently with chronic pain and the frustration of feeling stuck on a plateau. It feels like I’ve discovered the missing pieces in my experience with my body and my trainings as a yoga teacher and CPT." - Erika Newell

Who Am I, And Why I Created This Course For You

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Hey there, I'm Chandler Stevens.

For years I've been helping active people just like you move better, get stronger, and restore their natural mobility.

I've seen my students overcome "permanent" injuries, bounce back from surgery, move past chronic pain, and develop a better understanding of what their bodies are really capable of.

The best part?  It doesn't take complicated protocols and weeks of practice without results.  We focus on the methods that build forward momentum from Day One.

And my students consistently tell me that the movements we practice just make life easier.  They fall in love with their training again and find renewed confidence in their bodies.  It's a positive feedback loop that leaves them feeling like a whole new person.

I've spent years refining this system, integrating the most effective practices from a broad range of disciplines: natural movement, Functional Range Conditioning, somatic education, and more.  What can I say: I'm a perpetual student.  Last year alone I spent over $14,000 on continuing education to learn from the absolute best around.

And as a Master Coach at Breaking Muscle, I've been able to share this approach with people around the world.  But you know as well as I do that a handful of online articles isn't enough.  We all know the feeling of having 47 different tabs open, spinning our wheels in endless "research mode".  At some point, something's gotta give.

That's exactly why I created this step-by-step course for you.  I call it Foundations because this is the complete how-to guide for reclaiming a capable body.

See, I believe that an understanding of the body is the most empowering thing in the world.  I believe that restoring your natural mobility makes everything else in life easier.  I know firsthand how frustrating it is to feel like you're stuck at a plateau, and my biggest wish for you is that you feel effortless freedom in your body again.  

I'm here to show you how it's done.


"I struggled with a lot before coming to you...I had been in pain for so long that I had become incredibly depressed.  I believed that I may never be whole again to do all of the things I love. 

All of these areas of my body and mind are getting increasingly better every day!  Each day I grow increasingly more ecstatic that I am able to doing things with my knee and body all together I didn't believe deep down I would be able to do again.  My confidence is growing every day!  I'M NOT BROKEN! I believe I can and will make a comeback both physically and mentally." - James Swantko


The Problem With Most Mobility Approaches 

Can I get really honest with you for a second?

Most approaches to mobility treat your body like a hunk of meat.  If something feels "tight", the idea is to smash it with a foam roller (or lacrosse ball) and then stretch it into the shape you want.  That works fine for steaks, but not for bodies.

See, your body is so much more than a bag of muscles.  It's a neuromyofascial system, and if we want lasting mobility we need to work with both the nervous system AND the connective tissues.  And we need to do it in a safe, sustainable way. 

Here's where most approaches fall short:

They turn on your body's natural fight/flight response.

You've heard it all before.  "No Pain, No Gain" is a staple of the fitness industry, and it seems to creep into rehab and therapy a frightening amount too.  But the thing is, your nervous system doesn't like that.  In fact, that feeling of tension is a natural protective mechanism.  By all means pull away, but know that when you do, you're basically playing tug of war with your body.  That's not a game you're gonna win.

They Create useless range of motion. 

Through hours of endless stretching you'll be loose, but you'll have no control over that range of motion.  Flexibility without strength and stability just sets you up for joint injuries.  For flexibility to be truly useful we need to teach the body how to use it.  We need to develop strength throughout our full range of motion, or else we're using limb noodles to move, and you can guess where that'll lead.

They Don't lead to lasting physical changes.  

Foam rolling and massages feel great, but have you ever noticed how the next day you're right back where you started?  Sure, it may feel good at the time, but if you aren't getting progressively better, there's a problem here.  The reason these approaches miss the mark that they don't create any real, lasting change to your body.  It's a short term solution for a long term problem.  True mobility is a result of gradual adaptation of your connective tissue system.  And that takes time.  To put it in perspective, your muscles may adapt over the course of weeks, but your ligaments and tendons will adapt over the span of months.


At the end of the day these approaches are surface-level, bandaid solutions.  They ignore the big, underlying problem: all of your tension, aches, and frustrations are a direct result of the negative effects of the modern world.  

Chairs, chronic stress, little to no movement throughout the've been separated from your natural habitat and behaviors.  And your body is begging you for a change.  

Luckily it doesn't take a Tarzan lifestyle to regain your natural mobility.  It just takes a big picture look at the body.

This is what sets Foundations Apart.

My goal in creating this course is to teach you what's really going on in your body AND give you the most effective practices to change it from the inside out.  You'll learn not only how to increase your ease and range of motion, but also how to put it to use through an integrated approach.  And you'll do so in a safe, sustainable framework that allows your body the time it needs to adapt.

This will help you turn theory into practice so that you can fit this material into your own life.  It doesn't matter how much you know.  What matters is what you do consistently.  In this course I'll guide you through everything you need to know to unlock your natural mobility.

"I've never had more fun, gotten better results, or felt this good so quickly in my whole life...Chandler's knowledge, encouragement, & passion are top notch.  I'd recommend him to anyone looking to gain confidence  & strength in their own bodies.

Man or woman, young or old, Chandler will get you where you want to be." - Zach Franke


"Prior to joining Foundations, I felt like I was starting in the middle of things. I needed to back up and start from...well...the foundations of movement.  Even though I'd been doing yoga a long time...there were ways of moving that just weren't a part of my movement vocabulary until now and sometimes I just couldn't find a way in.  Habits are so strong. (And so are old and outdated movement dialogues!)  

After working with the Foundations practice for a few weeks with the intention of increasing my movement vocabulary, a cranky shoulder I'd been working with for a long time started to feel much better (Bonus!).   The practice contained movements that allowed me to see clearly what was going on so I could move better AND gave me a way to help sooth the crankiness. What I love most about this work is that it continues to unfold and give me more the longer I work with it.  Having a happy shoulder is great but the vocabulary of Foundations allows me to play with my yoga practice in new ways as well.  I incorporate pieces of the Foundation practice into my life every day.  

Chandler is an amazing resource for all aspects of movement from motivation, to self-talk, to movement skills.   What Foundations gives to me is a vocabulary to begin to answer my own questions and to develop new questions to play with.   Chandler provides a great playground and plenty of help if you need it...even if it's just to ask you another question." -Kit Spahr


Here's Exactly What You'll Learn In Foundations

This course is a self-study online program designed to give you a complete how-to guide for restoring your natural mobility.  

You'll have instant access to 11 in-depth video modules where you'll discover practical lessons in joint health, the most effective practices for mobility, my go-to routines for building more control and awareness, and a simple framework to maintain your progress for years to come.

It's everything I wish I had known when I was starting out on this journey.

You'll start noticing changes as soon as you begin practicing.  And the course layout is designed to give your body time to adapt and create new neural connections without overwhelm, meaning you'll notice consistent improvement over time.  

I like to play with an open hand, so here's exactly what you'll learn in each module...

Module 1

  • Learn the "master principle" of the body.  This one rule governs everything from strength to flexibility.  If you've ever been confused why your body functions the way it does, this simplifies everything.
  • Discover the power of small changes for radical shifts.
  • There's no such thing as too old.  You'll see that there's scientific reason to be optimistic about your mobility at any age.
  • Learn a simple three-question assessment to cut through confusion when creating new habits.

Module 2

  • Discover a simple daily practice to release excess tension and ease aches & pains.
  • Tap into a little-known reflex to find more freedom in your hips, shoulders, and back.
  • Get clear on the role stress plays in your mobility and quality of movement.

Module 3

  • Master a powerful movement series to improve and maintain mobility in every corner of the body.
  • Learn how to assess your weak links and take your mobility into your own hands.
  • Explore the real cause of joint deterioration (it's not old age)--and what you can do to stop it.
  • How to avoid the vicious cycle of dysfunctional movement and keep your body running smoothly.


  • Explore the intuitive parallels between mobility and strength training...take confusion out of the equation.
  • Find a laser-focused way to improve your specific limitations
  • How to avoid the vicious cycle of dysfunctional movement and keep your body running smoothly.

Module 5

  • Want to move beyond an endless list of exercises?  Here you'll learn how to integrate mobility into your day-to-day routines.
  • Learn how to find freedom from back pain and a whole new set of hips with a simple lifestyle tweak.
  • Build your "movement vocabulary" and learn how to find more fluidity in your movements.


  • Identify the weak links in your mobility and learn the #1 neuromuscular protocol for instant range of motion.
  • Get specific with your practice and learn how to apply basic mobility self-care practices.
  • Discover a way to find real comfort in the "primal chair": the full, flat-footed squat.

Module 7

  • Harness your nervous system to find unprecedented ease in tight positions.
  • Explore an intuitive framework to unlock range of motion in the hips, shoulders, and spine.
  • Master safe progressions as you expand your fluid movement potential.


  • Learn how to regain resilient legs and safely build strength in the ankles, knees, and hips.
  • Reclaim the floor and find new ways to incorporate natural movement into your day.
  • Ensure that you can maintain mobility, strength, and independence well into old age.


  • What can babies teach you about strength training?
  • Develop stability in the shoulders and hips to build real-world strength.
  • Master two foundational ground movements to bring more fun and improvisation to your training.
  • Forget ever needing "core training" again.


  • Explore new patterns of movement and boost your "movement fluency".
  • Find new variety in your training to get out of a practice rut.
  • Unlock new ranges of motion in the hips and shoulders through a natural movement practice.

Module 11

  • Want a simple framework for continued progress?  You'll learn it here.
  • Discover how to build your own mobility routines that are specific to your needs.
  • Integrate everything you've learned and set the stage for unlocking new skills.

What Other Students Are Saying

Mike Terborg CSCS, FRCms

"As a massage therapist for over 15 years...I had some pain and discomfort located in my left elbow akin to golfer’s elbow that was really affecting some massage sessions and ability to work. Through this process, I noticed that it has really improved.  In my everyday life I have become even more in tune & aware with every movement, recruiting just enough tension rather than more than is necessary, whether it is sitting at a desk, massaging a client, practicing yoga, driving a car, etc." - William Bennett


"My body was limited in what it could do even when I had the desire to be more active.  As I continue in this endeavor, I am able to do more physically then any time in my life.  I am more active.  I move better.  I am stronger, healthier, and I'm not limited by my knee pain. I feel and look younger than my age.  If anyone is considering making a change, especially if you're experiencing physical pain, it is definitely worth trying!  It has changed my quality of life, and I only wish I began sooner!" - Michelle Pastore


"The movements you taught me are completely different than I was doing on the "machines" in the gym. Not only were they easier on my body, they provided results with much less time.  Amazing what can happen when you are taught how and why the body works and reacts.  **Mind officially blown!!** - Nate Forman


"I struggled with limited mobility in my knees after taking a fall on both of them on my sidewalk. I could walk without pain, but kneeling & squatting wasn't happening.  

My whole life is different!

My awareness of how I do things & move my body has grown 110%! I thought I was aware of how I lived in my body, but I was missing so many important parts. I'm happy to report my knees have more mobility & less pain, that's a big deal to me!! Chandler shares his vast knowledge of movement, somatics & play in such a way that made me realize that I'm much more capable than I's changed my whole lifestyle for the better! He's an amazing coach, I will forever be grateful to him." - Pamella Garvin


Enroll Today

If you love to be active, and feel like you’ve tried it all without much success, Foundations will help you reclaim pain-free movement, restore mindful connection to your body, and regain the freedom to take on any challenge presented.  It’s a complete how-to guide to unlock your natural mobility.  The entire course is yours, today, for $197.

Enroll Now for just $197 


and The Whole Course Is backed by a rock-solid 21-day guarantee

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Here's my promise: if you do the work, you will get results - guaranteed.  With hundreds of successful students (myself included), I know this system works. 

Take 21 days to give it a go and see for yourself.  

You can go through the entire course!  

If you apply these practices and don't see improvement, you can send me an email (, and I'll happily refund your full payment myself.

The best part is...

If you think there's even a slight chance that this is the course for you, you'll be able to try all of the material risk-free and decide for yourself.  

My friends think I'm crazy for letting people try out the entire course: "Aren't you worried that people will take advantage of you?" 

Nope.  Maybe I'm overly trusting, but for years I've worked with students around the world and have only been asked for a refund once...on the very last day (I'll let you be the judge).  


I'm so busy.  Do I have time for this?

Most of the weekly modules will take you around half an hour each week to watch, and you'll need to account for some time to practice as well.  But if your schedule gets hectic, don't worry.  You'll have access to all course material (and future updates) for life.  Even if you need to pick back up in 6 months you'll still be able to use the entire course.

How is this different from yoga or other exercises?

This approach works with the body as a system, not just a pile of parts.  Rather than say stretch this, strengthen that we take an in-depth look at how to train the nervous system AND the musculoskeletal system.

What movements will I learn?

This course focuses on targeted joint-by-joint articulations (much more than simply circling your arms) and mastery over voluntary muscle tension.  In addition you'll learn about archetypal resting positions, get ups, and locomotive skills like the contralateral, inverted, lateral, and homologous crawls.  We'll also explore some specific restorative exercises to release excess tension.

Do I need any equipment or a gym membership?

You may want a mat for some of the movements, but it's not a requirement.  All you really need is your body!

I'm not very patient.  Will I see quick results?

Every student that I've worked with sees significant improvement in their overall mobility & ease within just one session.  However, for even more progress (and lasting changes) I highly recommend giving yourself a couple of weeks to work through the lessons.  This will give your body time to adapt.

Isn't this information available for free online somewhere?

If you spend enough time digging around, you'll find a lot of this information online in various blogs and research journals.  But I've compiled the most effective practices in one course to save you the time and effort.  And I've proven this exact approach time and time again with my students over the years.

Have Other Questions?

Send me an email--I'm here to help.  You can reach me at, and I'll personally help you out.

Still Reading?

Why?  You could be improving your mobility right now ; )

What's holding you back?  You can try the entire course risk-free, and I'm here to help you out step-by-step along the way.

So you have a choice to make.  You can decide to continue doing the same things you've been doing (and get the same results).  Or you can choose to enroll in Foundations today and start making a real change in your mobility.