Emerging Self:

Find Personal Clarity & Direction Through NAtural MOvement, Somatic Education, & Self-Inquiry


Want to learn the skills and mindset you need to become the best version of yourself? 

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More awareness.  More movement.  More possibility.

Develop The Practices To Take Your Movement And Mindset To The Next Level

I know you're passionate about your movement and your personal growth.

There's a vision of yourself that you're drawn to.

Unfortunately having a vision isn't enough.

Lofty goals without directed action remain lofty goals.  And autopilot habits won't get you any closer.

How can you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be?

There are three crucial ideas you need to understand:

  1. Somatic educator F.M. Alexander said: "People do not decide their futures; they decide their habits, and their habits decide their futures."  You must identify the intentional practices that will shape your future.
  2. Behavioral psychologist Kurt Lewin stated: "Behavior is a function of a person within an environment."  You need to shift your surroundings in such a way that those practices happen naturally.
  3. Somatic educator Moshe Feldenkrais noted: "We act in accordance with our self-image."  It's imperative that you refine your self-image in order to bring about change in your life.

Together these principles highlight the fact that your future hinges on your self-image.  The critical question then is: how do we refine our self-image so that we can live the life we want?  At "Emerging Self" you'll learn how to develop personalized practices so that you can restore mobility and freedom, find clarity and direction, and become the best of yourself.

Join 12 of your peers and step into your potential.

What We'll Explore

  • Who you are and why you're here
  • Awareness and somatic education practices for clarity and ease
  • Natural movement exercises to restore mobility, develop coordination, and increase strength
  • The "Positive Sensory Inventory," a powerful tool to help you find more joy in day-to-day life
  • Self-inquiry lessons for a deeper understanding of your thoughts and behaviors
  • The "Embodied Strengths Assessment" for practical strategies you can use to be your best self
  • Partner games to understand conflict and communication
  • The Ecosomatic framework for improved movement and mindset
  • And much more

What Clients Are Saying...


Clarify the vision of your most potent self


Use awareness to amplify your strengths and be mindful of your weaknesses


Move decisively, bringing intention to your actions.

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