Are you enjoying the conference so far? Here’s how to dig in further…


Hi there,

There’s a LOT of information and ideas to sift through in this conference, and I’m thrilled that you’re here.

I’ve put together a resource bundle for you to dig into if you’re new to this work.

Here’s the high-level view of it:

  • This is for people who believe that the physical, psychological, ecological, and all the other “-al’s” are different sides of the same phenomenon. We’re exploring what those different perspectives teach us about the larger whole.

  • I focus on serving people who are interested in entrepreneurship, change-making, and engaging “outside the box” more effectively.

  • My particular knack isn’t for teaching something new. Instead I’m here to help you connect the dots, explore new perspectives, and fill in the gaps of your own experience. You’re the expert on you. I’m here to help you own it.

Let’s dig in!

If you’re primarily interested in movement, my “Reclaim The Floor” guide will share a simple and intuitive natural movement approach to help you move with ease.

If you’re more curious about mindset and creating a sense of possibility, then the “Embracing Possibility” guide is your best bet. You’ll learn a few of my favorite practices for shifting perspective and getting out of your own way.

I’ll send you both, free of charge (plus some great bonus videos and audios along with them).

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