Ecosomatics World Tour:

Fostering Connection Through Movement Across The Globe


Since I started coaching, I've had the pleasure to work with clients around the world.

It's been a thrill, but it's so much better to do this work face-to-face.

Far better if we can do it in a group as well.


This year I'm organizing events to take that connection into the real world.

I'm offering a series of workshops across the US and Europe, plus Costa Rica and New Zealand.

Up-to-date offerings and descriptions are available below. 

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September 15-16: Ecosomatics Immersion - Zug, Switzerland

The Ecosomatics Immersion is a small group, 2-day event (10am-5pm) exploring mindset and movement.  

We start from the questions: how does change actually work?  Who are you?  What do you do when you don't know what to do?

Over the course of 2 days (10am-5pm) you'll experience firsthand how quickly you can make major changes in your life through lessons in movement & mobility, sensory awareness & self-inquiry.

Develop a roadmap of habits and practices to become the version of yourself you most want to be.


September 29-30: Primal Connection - Bregenz, Austria

Primal Connection is a holistic look at what it means to be human. 

For 2 days we'll live together in a cabin in the countryside near Bregenz, exploring movement practice, mindfulness, and connection: to ourselves, to others, and to the planet.

This is a radical experience of reconnecting with the essentials of the human experience. 

Room & board included.