Create A Movement Practice That Connects You To Wholeness

Hi there,

I think I know a lot about you.

I know you're passionate about movement. 

Maybe you teach it.  Maybe you're just a dedicated student.

Either way, you're consistent with your practice, but it doesn't feel as alive as it used to.

Despite all the workshops you've been to, the books you've read, and the podcasts you've heard, something still feels like it's missing.  You've got an itch that you can't scratch.

And when you try to zoom out and connect the dots, you get confused and overwhelmed.

There are so many options that you're paralyzed, not sure how to confidently move forward.

If that sounds familiar, I'm glad you're here.

See, I've struggled with those same things.


In case we haven't met yet, my name is Chandler Stevens.

I'm a movement coach and somatic educator, and I lead The Soma School, an international coach & teacher training program. 

I use movement and awareness practices to help people come home to their bodies and figure themselves out.

I've spent years puzzling over this stuff.

I wanted to find the threads that connected everything from yoga to jiu jitsu, somatic education to natural movement.  And all along the way I knew there had to be a way for it to tie into something bigger.  I wanted more than just tricks.

The problem was that I saw so many people from different disciplines all squabbling over petty details and dogmas.

They were so myopically focused that they couldn't see the big picture.

I started sharing my thoughts on movement, awareness, and philosophy through my writing and videos.  People around the world started following along with this practice I called "Ecosomatics."

There was something different about it.

Something about it helped people see the hidden connections throughout their lives, showing the clear connections between body, mind, and environment.  It helped them understand more of themselves and reconnect to a feeling of wholeness through their movement practice...

"I can start to feel better, learn better, move better, think better, and relate better.
Chandler teaches how to wield the potent weapons of honesty and creativity to shape your destiny.
It sounds like hyperbole, but listen to what is being offered and you won't think of it that way anymore."
- Mark Steinberg

After years of stretching, releasing and opening, I still had such limited mobility in certain areas of my body.  I figured I’d overstretched from all the yoga, and I felt a little betrayed by my practice.
I have so much more confidence in myself as a yoga teacher and personal trainer now.  
In just one month’s time, I’ve learned so much...It feels like I’ve discovered the missing pieces in my experience with my body and my trainings as a yoga teacher and CPT."
- Erika Newell

Now it's your turn.

I want to invite you to join me at the upcoming London Ecosomatics Immersion.

The Ecosomatics Immersion is a 2-day workshop where you'll explore the connections and continuity of body, mind, and environment.  It's a full weekend experience of movement, awareness, and deep inquiry.


Alongside a curious and supportive community you'll dive into:

  • Physical practices to unlock your mobility and develop your natural movement capacity
  • Somatic explorations that will help you "learn how to learn"
  • Challenging discussions to help you dig into your personal philosophy 

When people try to describe the experience, they have a hard time putting it into words:

“Truly holistic self-development / awareness to live your best life for yourself and for the improvement of the world, without fluff and nonsense.”
“The improvement I’ve made has been quite profound...I have significantly less aches and pains now, and have a lot more range of motion in all my joints. I’ve never experienced such a transformation in all my life in such a short period of time.” - Pierre
“Your wealth of knowledge about movement in the world is pretty damn incredible. You set yourself apart with how you go about movement by putting yourself outside of what most people consider ‘normal’ places to practice.”
“Immediately, community was palpable...there was a consistent hum of purpose and meaning, not bombastic and packaged, but wordless and dynamic(at times articulated but mostly felt). There was Inner and outer exploration, the kind only possible in a supportive, engaged and curious tribe.”
“I feel like you cast a net through the work of Katie Bowman, Spina, Ido, Feldenkrais, Erwan, etc. brought it into the kitchen and made dishes that are more generally palatable and richly flavored.”
“I’ve not experienced stuff like yours. To me it’s unique. It’s good, it resonates for all the same reasons yoga, slackline, footbag, hula hooping do, but the thought, ideas, and philosophy that underpin it makes the connection deeper.”

Here's a sneak peek at some of what you'll learn at the Immersion:

Movement Philosophy

  • Why you need a movement philosophy in the first place (without it you're primed for "paralysis by overanalysis")
  • What the fable of the "blind men and the elephant" means for your practice
  • How systems-thinking can help you create radical changes in your body--through the "living laws"

Crafting A Practice

  • Task-orientation and the body's natural learning mechanisms
  • Explore movement puzzles and games to learn when to move creatively--and when NOT to
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of how to identify and eliminate the constraints on your movement ability
  • Through indoor and outdoor movement lessons you'll explore a range of practices that will allow you to develop something uniquely yours

Connecting To Wholeness

  • Learn how to listen to your body--and your Self--more clearly and consistently
  • Understand and address the two big "gaps" that keep people stuck and unfulfilled
  • The person-centered approach to movement lets you reconnect with your own experience, free of dogma & gurus

Ready to join in?

Students are flying in from around Europe for The London Ecosomatics Immersion on June 2-3, from 10am-6pm.

We'll work both indoors and outdoors near Hampstead Heath (exact locations announced beforehand).

It's not a good fit for everybody.  Expect to dig into some hard work and challenging ideas.

If you're up for it, the experience will change your life.  

You'll leave with a whole new understanding of your movement, your mindset, and yourself.  

Just ask past participants:

Registration for the event is $600.

And unlike most other folks out there I guarantee you'll love it.

If you aren't satisfied for whatever reason at the end of the weekend, let me know, and I'll refund you on the spot.  No questions asked.

Click below to secure your spot today.