Ecology of Change

Bring All Of Yourself To The Change You Want To Make

Transformational Embodiment • Deep Personal Growth • Profound Connection

The Ecology of Change seminar is designed to help those who aim high and want to move the needle:



Create a deep sense of connection to your body, your self, and the people & places around you.



Identify and resolve the blocks that keep you from a thriving life and your full creative potential.



Leverage your inherent strengths to perform at your best and most effectively make change in the world.

Feel At Home In Your Body

(And At Ease With Yourself)

When you’re present and capable in your body, you unlock new options for engaging more fully in the human experience - to move and be moved. The world quite literally opens up right in front of you when you’re at home in your body. Most people live their lives cut off from that possibility because of pain, tension, and disconnect.

At the Ecology of Change seminar we work with a unique, body-oriented process to create a profound change not just in what you do, but who you are.

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Throughout the workshop you’ll explore a unique blend of awareness, movement, reflection and embodiment practices to create a dramatic shift in the way you engage with the world. Profound change comes from deep work, and here you’ll have the environment and tools you need to to tap into a feeling of integration and wholeness like never before.

This experience is about psychophysical transformation within a community of like-minded, forward-thinking leaders who see self-understanding as a key piece of the puzzle in making their impact.

The event itself is built on a few foundational ideas:

  1. You need to aim clearly if you’re going to hit the target. A powerful vision gives you a compass for your day to day actions.
  2. Flow systems (including you) naturally evolve greater and greater efficiency over time - once you remove constraints.
  3. You will not achieve an outcome without habits that support your vision.
  4. Your actions are confined by your self-image, on a neurological and emotional level.
  5. The people, places, and spaces you surround yourself with influence your behavior - for better or worse.

Working with such a framework gives you the means to redefine your self-image, create a more nourishing environment for yourself, overcome the constraints of resistance and self-sabotage, and tap into an effortless sense of flow and impact.


Themes You’ll Explore:

Out of your head and into the world - Unlock your ability to move with ease, strength, and awareness to expand what you’re capable of day-to-day.

From obstacles to opportunities - Learn to turn constraints into tools for creative adaptation, innovation and problem solving.

• Cultivate resilience - Identify and leverage your inherent strengths to navigate stress with ease.

• From reactive to responsive - Take yourself out of autopilot so you can live in full contact with the world.

Learning how to learn - Harness your body’s innate learning ability (the very same that helped you first learn to walk and talk) to see new possibilities.

• From will to skill - Cultivate ease and impact without strain. Learn how to bring grace and composure to your toughest challenges.

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Who’s Invited?

The Ecology of Change workshop is for a certain type of person.

It’s a great fit for you if you’re:

• A thinker AND a doer.

• An ambitious leader or entrepreneur with insatiable curiosity.

• A mind/body professional looking to show up more effectively in your work.

• Spinning your wheels on a major problem personally or professionally.

• Looking to press reset on physical and psychological tension.

• Passionate about becoming your best self (in order to contribute to the world around you).

• Ready to go from incremental progress to exponential and to turn 1 + 1 into 3.

Think you’re a fit? Click below to apply for an upcoming event.

Your investment: $1,500 if coming solo. $2,000 if bringing a partner.

Event Format

Each event runs from Friday morning to Sunday late afternoon. It’s recommended to arrive Thursday to allow yourself time to settle in and feel well-rested for the event, and leave Monday to process without rushing.

Each event is uniquely shaped by the participants, but below is a rough idea of how the events are organized:

Friday Morning

Introductions and setting the stage. Mapping out The Ecology of Change framework. Grounding, orienting, and clarifying aim through embodiment practices.

Friday Afternoon

Sculpting self-image. Cultivating awareness and presence. Play-based learning and games for creativity and integration. Reflection and shared understanding.

Saturday Morning

Body awareness and dynamic problem solving. Understanding constraints, flow, and degrees of freedom.

Saturday Afternoon

Deeper exploration of self-image and habit. Identifying day-to-day opportunities for greater leverage, more efficacy and ease.

Sunday Morning

Charting a course for next steps. Working with momentum and resistance. Exploring boundaries. Understanding “the emergent self” and learning to embody it.

Sunday Afternoon

Handling uncertainty with calm and composure. Facing the unknown. Turning theory into practice. Closing and reflections.

Upcoming Events

May X-X, 2019: Seattle, WA

June X-X, 2019: New York, NY

July X-X, 2019: London, UK

August X-X, 2019: Seattle, WA

September X-X, 2019: Seattle, WA

Ready to attend? Ecology of Change events are designed for a specific type of person. Please fill out this form and discover if you’re one of them.

Your investment: $1,500 if coming solo. $2,000 if bringing a partner.


Chandler Stevens

Chandler Stevens is a somatic coach and movement specialist who helps generative leaders and entrepreneurs feel at home in their body so they can bring all of themselves to the change they want to make.

He’s the leader of Ecosomatics, a self-development practice that emphasizes the connections of body, mind and environment.

Through a unique blend of evolutionary theory, systems thinking, and embodiment practice he helps people reshape their self-image to create breakthroughs in their movement, mental and emotional wellbeing, relationships, and businesses.

His work draws from a broad range of disciplines, most notably: somatic education (particularly the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais), Gestalt & existential psychotherapy, deep ecology, natural movement, and Fighting Monkey practice.

He’s particularly fond of coffee, tacos, and the writing of Haruki Murakami.

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