The Ecosomatics Daily Dose

Hey there,

A drip every day goes a long way in changing something.

I send out daily notes about movement, embodiment, systems thinking, ecology, and more to a small group of folks who love ideas.

Here’s what a few of them say about these notes…

A few days ago I told myself to calm my nerves and give him some space as I watched my 4-year old son run down our driveway, climb up on a big boulder, jump across a gap to another boulder, drop his pants, take a leak, jump off the boulder onto another solid rock, play with two neighborhood dogs twice his size, run back up our driveway and over our cobblestone walk to get back safe and sound. The fact that he did this all barefoot made me think of you.

Yesterday, he started out at the same boulder, jumped to the next, took a leak, but then kept climbing. My wife came out, and said, “is he barefoot?” I said I think he’s doing ok, but when he climbed over a ridge and out of sight we thought we’d better climb up after him. We got up there and found him sitting comfortably on a log any my wife in some disbelief asked him, “how did it feel hiking up here barefoot?” He answered, “Good. Hiking barefoot is healthy for you.” At which point I wondered how a 4-year old that can’t read or write could have possibly figured out how to subscribe to your email list.
— Charles
Just wanted you to know how much I love your daily bits of wisdom. They are a little like AA for the person in recovery. Hearing from you daily or even weekly is that little nudge l need to get up and move.
— Laura
Words either mean something or they mean nothing.
Your words always mean something!
— Chris
I just wanted to let you know how inspiring your messages have been. I have followed you for years and my life is much better for it.

Besides the rock gardens i have in my house, and the little obstacle courses i set up in my hallways, i have discovered a whole new purpose to movement, and feel much more in touch with my body, and who i am. I started reading more widely when a few weightlifting injuries were really holding me back, and even though they arent completely gone, I can definitively say that taking a playful, naturalistic approach has made a big difference. Today i just did the most fun sprint work out of mt life, where i decded to start each sprint from a different position or movement, like doing a cartwheel or holding an arm balance and then sprinting 20 yards. I ended up doing 60 sprints and was upset that i didn’t have time to do more. Reading your emails and watching your videos has made me tap into a much more creative and playful side of myself that i never connected to exercise and fitness before, but now i feel not only more fit and healthy, but more human and expressive.

Just wanted to let you know how impactful and amazing you are. I love the daily messages, and they have been very thought provoking. Keep up the good work.
— Kevin
Just reaching out with gratitude for your precious work and contribution. I’m following your work for some time now and many times I thought of writing. I like your style and your thinking and along with other somatic coaches’ tips and ideas on the net it is a valuable help and support in my own explorations.
— Erzhi
Funny thing is, I never thought I would find words that connect to my everyday experience through a newsletter. I originally signed up because I was pulled in by the way you set up your site and fearlessly promote yourself and what you believe in. It takes a lot of guts to do that and it’s obvious by the limited number of people who actually take that leap of courage. Thank you for making me feel more powerful and as if I can take that leap myself. Thank you for reminding me that if I live with intention and action, I should be proud to tell others of my work and how it has helped my life. Thank you for reminding me we are all in this together, whether we choose to believe so or not. Thank you Chandler.
— Nelson
Hope to meet you in the future. Stuff you’re teaching and putting out there looks like next level shit.
— Kevin

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