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Here's what others are saying:

"The movements you taught me are completely different than I was doing on the "machines" in the gym. Not only were they easier on my body, they provided results with much less time.  Biggest takeaway is "more" does not always mean better...having the knowledge and understanding of how the body works makes all the difference, and this is what you provide to your students in a simple and effective way.  
Amazing what can happen when you are taught how and why the body works and reacts.  **Mind officially blown!!** - Nate Forman
"There was something holding me back from realizing my full potential.  I’ve realized from working with you that what was holding me back was a sense of not having complete control over my situation because I lacked full ownership of the process.
By reframing myself as the hero, not the victim, I now had to play the part. With your encouragement, I went in and kicked myself in the butt because no one else could do it for me." - Lauren Siegel
"I had several breakthroughs and insight...I discovered that a lot of my discomfort was due to protection of injured areas and my mind telling my body to protect itself.  
Now that I am vividly aware of this, I can start the journey back to being me....the whole me. 
You make this process have more of a whole person (body mind spirit) approach.  One that is tailored to the specific need of the persona and can morph into what it needs to be in that moment.  You have the ability to read between the lines of what the person is saying, analyze it quickly and adjust on the fly if need be.  You allow the person to guide the process." - Melissa Slater