Welcome to The Better Movement Blueprint!

You'll see that we do things a little differently around here.  Click here to download your copy of The Better Movement Blueprint.

Below you'll find your video training.  Before we begin, there are a couple of housekeeping notes.  Check it out:

Module 1

Welcome to Module 1.  In this lesson we're cracking open the one big rule in the body.  Master this rule, and there's no stopping you:

Action Steps:

What are some of the demands you impose on your body?  How long do spend sitting each day?  Does the food you eat nourish you?  What do you do when you get home from work?  Your body is constantly listening to these cues and adapting accordingly.

Module 2 

Welcome to Module 2.  In this lesson you'll learn a whole new way to look at the body.  No more cookie-cutter steps.  This is the big picture of the human body:

Action Steps:

How familiar are you with your body?  Think for a second: unless you've broken a bone, you may never notice your skeleton!  And we don't think about our nervous system much either.  You've got a lot going on in that body of yours!

Module 3

Welcome to Module 3!  In this module we'll begin tinkering with the body's hardware, the musculoskeletal system.  You'll want to follow along in your PDF guide to get reacquainted with the body's natural hardware tune up:

Action Steps:

You know what to do!  Your challenge: spend an extra 30 minutes on the floor each day.  Bonus for more.  You don't have to throw out the couch (unless you want to).  You just need to make a conscious shift in the demands that you place on your body each day.

Module 4

In this lesson you're going to dive deeper into the nervous system, discovering the 3-part magic formula for optimal neural function.  In addition we go in-depth into the most powerful way to hit "reset".  Your PDF guide has a bonus video included...be sure to check it out!

Action Steps:

This may be the most important step of the course.  It's time to build a daily practice of Constructive Rest.  You can get started right now by spending 10 minutes in CRP.  Tune in to the natural language of the nervous system.  Where do you feel contact with the ground?  Where are you tense?  What's the quality of your breath?

Module 5

In this module we're putting the package together.  It may seem too simple, but there's a reason for that.  Check it out:

Action Steps:

There's no magic pill, and no guru out there to "fix" you.  The body is endlessly adaptable.  All it takes is a conscious effort.  Now is the time to build your daily practice.  Together this 2-step protocol can radically shift your wellbeing.

What comes next?  

That's for you to decide. You have a choice: bystander, or owner.  You have the tools...now it's time to put them to work.