Forget Fitness: Do Human Things

The big, messy problem of this fitness and movement culture stuff is that we’re developing crazy physical prowess devoid of all context. We emphasize the superhuman at the expense of the human. It’s glaringly obvious on Instagram; we’re flooded with sexy movements, performed in isolation, in heavily edited environments. We’re so focused on getting our bodies ready for life that we forget to live.

A few key reflections can help us put this in perspective and bring a bit of life back to our practice.

The Evolutionary Perspective on Health

I love this concept. It’s brilliantly simple. I first heard these questions from Dr. Andreo Spina at the Functional Range Conditioning seminar. If we want a clear picture of how to organize our training, we can ask ourselves these questions to point the way:


Let’s pump the brakes before the paleo fans go into a frenzy, extrapolating some idealized version of our ancestral behaviors. We don’t know the specifics what the human animal evolved to do. However, based on contextual cues we can make some guesses:

  • Food didn’t exist; plants and animals did. There was likely quite a bit of moving through natural environments to acquire plants and animals. And of course, the decidedly unsexy acts of processing said plants and animals into something we might call food.


  • There was no work and no Netflix. We likely spent a lot of time sitting around in leisure.


  • We weren’t always undisputed food chain champs. As with most other animal species, we’d have to play defense now and then, moving quickly, outmaneuvering or outsmarting the predators.


  • We didn’t spend much time alone. When survival is at stake, you tribe up real quick. And modern neuroscience has shown us that our brains are geared for social interactions.


  • Oh, yeah. Sex. You and I wouldn’t be here without it.


If we put this into a rough sketch, humans as we know them came into being frequently moving together in diverse ways through complex environments.



By and large, we do large bouts of nothing, with the occasional burst of something called fitness. And we do it alone, because relationships require a scary level of vulnerability. You know this. I know this. Which leads us to...



Here’s where that uncomfortable issue of choice comes into play. What will you choose to do every single day to make up for such a broad gap?

What are you doing to mitigate the predictable consequences of our species' contextual mismatch?  

It won't get better on its own.  Your choices shape you.

The first step is reclaiming your body’s ability to move. Improving your capacity to do human things (see question #1) makes life easier.

How do you do that?  

Well, you're only going to be as strong as the foundation you're building on.  Gaining mastery over the foundations of natural movement is a critical first step.  So what are those foundations?

Well, the bulk of our evolutionary and developmental history can be viewed as a quest to make our way up from the ground to standing in vertical.  Think about it: that's what the first few years of our lives are dedicated to.

And that's what millions of years' worth of evolution has led to in our species.

The ability to make your way up & down from the ground in a variety of positions and patterns is a key foundation of natural human movement.

Sadly so many of us lose this capacity over the years.

Something as simple as the resting squat can elude us due to mobility restrictions, old injuries, and more.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  With the right approach you can:

  • Find more freedom to move without pain
  • Feel dynamic and vibrant
  • Create a stronger connection to your body
  • Hop into favorite activities without second-guessing yourself

There's a simple way to get there.  I'll show you how in my time-tested ebook, Reclaim The Floor.

I designed it to walk you through how to safely transition to spending more time on the floor each day so you can rebuild your natural movement and mobility from the ground up.

It's here to help you:

  • Find ease in the 5 fundamental resting positions so you can improve your mobility on autopilot.
  • Understand the science of how your body really works so that you feel more connected to it. 
  • Fine tune your joints and jumpstart your progress through specific mobility practices.
  • Discover more ease in your movement throughout the day.
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And I've packaged it all in a simple-to-read PDF ebook.  

No complicated routines.

No confusion over what to do next.

You'll have a clear understanding of how to take care of your body's mobility issues...for good.


Don't Take My Word For It...Here's What Others Have Experienced:

I struggled with limited mobility in my knees after taking a fall on both of them on my sidewalk. I could walk without pain, but kneeling & squatting wasn’t happening.

My whole life is different!

My awareness of how I do things & move my body has grown 110%! I thought I was aware of how I lived in my body, but I was missing so many important parts. I’m happy to report my knees have more mobility & less pain, that’s a big deal to me!!”
- Pamella Garvin
“Not only were the movements easier on my body, they provided results with much less time.

Amazing what can happen when you are taught how and why the body works and reacts. **Mind officially blown!!**”
- Nate Forman
“I’ve never had more fun, gotten better results, or felt this good so quickly in my whole life.

My mobility has skyrocketed, I recover faster, and I’m running and jumping around like a kid again.

Man or woman, young or old, Chandler will get you where you want to be.”
- Zach Franke

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I'm including a two-part exclusive video training to help you take your mobility even further.  

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You'll learn 2 powerful exercises that tap into your nervous system to help you literally re-program your body's flexibility and range of motion. 

Together they'll help you feel better than ever sooner than you can imagine.

(Seriously.  Everybody who tries it feels better the very first time they go through this practice.)

And you're 100% safe to try it out.  

That's all I'm suggesting.  Try it out for 30 days and see if it works for you.  If it does, you're going to love how your body feels and functions.  And I think that's exactly what's going to happen.  

But if you aren't satisfied for any reason at all, then just let me know.  I'll give you a same-day, 100% refund.  No questions asked.  We'll still be friends ; )

Even better?

I'll let you keep the ebook AND the bonus training videos as a gift.

There's really nothing to lose. 

I'm just trusting that you'll be honest and really try out the practice.  Are there people who will take advantage of me doing this?  Sure.  But I'm not going to let a few dishonest people ruin it for you.  

Now You Have A Decision To Make.

You've reached a fork in the road.

You can continue on as you have been (or worse, do nothing at all). 

You know where that leads.  Is that really what you want?

Or you can choose to make a change.  To try something different and get a different outcome.  

You can unlock effortless mobility and pain-free movement.  You can feel more vibrant and capable.  You can restore a sense of ease in your body.

Which do you want?

If you're ready to feel more mobile than you ever have before, here's what to do next:

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