One Kicka** Piece Of Equipment

The most beautiful, amazing thing about the human body is its versatility.  

No other place on earth will you find such a potent piece of equipment.  All of that potential is just waiting...deep down in every every every body (yes, I mean yours)...and it's SO EASY to tap into that potential.

Stupid easy.  We talked a loooong time ago about the one principleunderlying your potential to be awesome.  I've been thinking about this a lot lately.  We get good at the things we do most often.  The body adapts.

But the real juicy, meaty goodness lies in those things we DON'T often do.  Those ever-humbling weak points.  We all have them.  They can be frustrating the first few days (or weeks) we address them, but guess what:


I don't care how old or out-of-shape you can always tap into this potential for strength, mobility, and grace.

It takes a bit of courage to focus on weaknesses, but the results are tremendous.  Not sure what your weaknesses are?  Try something new.  Come in for a consultation.  

When we address our weaknesses we raise the boat.  You're only as strong as your weakest link after all.  So use this awesome, versatile, adaptable piece of equipment you have available and grow!

You have it in you.  I know you do.

Happy moving,