MovNat Saved My Life

A bold claim, but I truly believe the MovNat system saved my life. 

MovNat is the hundred-year culmination of George Hebert’s Methode Naturelle, the natural movement method.  This practice emphasizes practical strength, adaptability, and a return to the roots of physical training.  Essentially it’s what we did as a species before Lifetime Fitness and the Y.  Long before treadmills and bench press we were running, lifting, carrying, striking, and climbing for our survival; if we didn’t move, we didn’t live.  MovNat taps into this primal nature. 

The first thing that struck me about the system is its versatility.  Any and all of the movements we learned at our training could be scaled up or down in difficulty to match the individual.  By playing with volume, intensity, and complexity we could vary the movements in an endlessly adaptive program, tailoring each session to our current abilities.  I’ve seen this system used with amputees, elite athletes, and everything in between.  This is the power of natural human movement. 

I discovered the system at the perfect time in my life.  I was stuck in a dead-end government job, getting by each day but lacking any sense of vitality.  It was love at first sight.   Although I frequently went to the gym and was a dedicated yogi, I felt somehow confined by my workouts.  I looked good, but I didn’t feel quite up to snuff.  Emotionally these were pretty dark days.  All of that changed when I began my MovNat practice. 

Soon enough you couldn’t find me anywhere but the parks around Cincinnati.  I was a wild thing.  After putting in my time at the EPA in Clifton I’d duck out and run the trails, climbing trees, lifting rocks…you know, the usual caveman things.  I realized there was a MovNat trainer certification coming up and booked myself a spot.  Conveniently enough the government went into furlough that same weekend.  I’m not one for signs, but this was a weird coincidence.  As one job was put on hold, another was blossoming.  I returned from my training and had one of the best months of my life.  I couldn’t go to work even if I had wanted to, so I spent even more time moving.  Hours would go by each day as I refined my skills, and although I was technically “training”, I felt more vigorous than ever before.  I knew I had to share this with the world. 

A few months later I decided to take a leap, quitting my soul-sucking job and starting business for myself.  Since then I’ve met some of the most important people in my life and have truly found a sense of purpose.  The road hasn’t been easy, but dang, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I start and end my days with movement, sharing what I’ve learned with others in Cincinnati through group classes, one-on-ones, even conversations at the coffee shop.  Discovering this passion has been such a gift, and I’m truly grateful to Erwan Le Corre and the MovNat team for changing—and saving—my life.