Notes From Posture Lab

Disclaimer: this is simply the thoughts in my head after a session of the Posture Lab.  Key concepts, challenges, etc.  

Finding Base

Trees can only grow if the roots support them.  Same for our alignment,  We need to find base in sitting, standing, moving.  In sitting this is pretty easy...we have sit bones, right?  They can be the main reference points of our base.  

In the ideokinetic tradition there's an image of diamonds of support.  One is formed in the pelvis, and is mirrored in the skull.  Imagining the skull supported by the pelvis allows the spine to find length without rigidity.  This is a biggie.  We find our base and can lengthen from its support.

Yield To Grow

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen gave us the idea of yielding & pushing.  This is essentially how we grow.  By yielding into an object, pressing our weight into it, we can expand out & away from it.  Yielding is essentially and active meeting of two objects.  You can stand there on the floor.  Or you can yield into the floor.  One gives you much more length.

Dynamic Support

Biotensegrity is key.  We're a dynamic system.  What keeps the skeletal model up?  A rod.  What keeps us up?  A balancing act.  Micro shifts make proper alignment an experience that is far from static.  

Think of the difference between the cues flat back & lengthening the spine.  One is static.  Fixed.  Rigid.  the other is an ongoing process. This is the heart of true alignment.  

We have channels of support through the body.  The skeleton gives a framework of arches, suspensions, and columns, but it's only a guide.  It shows paths of force transmission.  

Functional Center

I don't know what to think of this point in the body.  The balance between top & bottom, left & right.  It's the point of intersection when you draw lines from shoulder joints to opposite hips.  right around T12.  Right where the psoas ends.  Right where the "wings" of the upper body begin.  It's not the navel, as taught in Body Mind Centering.  And it's not the same "core" you'd hear about in the gym.  But it keeps coming up in my practice.  The limbs take on new life when they are extensions of this point.  Hmm...

Negative Awareness

How funny that we're often unaware of things until they go wrong.  What if we brought mindfulness to how good they feel?  That's gratitude.

Words Matter

This keeps hitting home for me.  I asked What are you thinking about instead of the more loaded Any questions.  Radically different responses.  Everyone is thinking about something.  But they may not know how to organize it into a coherent question.  Shift words, and you shift the dialogue.