Here's why you need natural movement

Here's why you need natural movement

I'm talking about natural movement separated from any particular brand or business.  Natural movement is simply what you do with yourself when you move outdoors, or in any sort of natural environment, when you:

  • Walk down a wooded trail.
  • Vault over fallen trees and through branches.
  • Climb through the trees.
  • Roll and tumble over the grass.
  • Be still and tune into what you see, smell, hear, and feel.

Forget Fitness: Do Human Things

Forget Fitness: Do Human Things

The big, messy problem of this fitness and movement culture stuff is that we’re developing crazy physical prowess devoid of all context. We emphasize the superhuman at the expense of the human. It’s glaringly obvious on Instagram; we’re flooded with sexy movements, performed in isolation, in heavily edited environments. We’re so focused on getting our bodies ready for life that we forget to live.

A few key reflections can help us put this in perspective and bring a bit of life back to our practice...

My "Best Of" Mobility Resources

I've been writing about mobility and better movement for years, and I consistently get questions from folks on how they should get started improving their mobility.  

On this page I've compiled the "best of" articles in an easy-to-explore collection.

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Choose Better To Move Better

Choose Better To Move Better

Ever look at somebody move and wonder to yourself how on earth they seem so fluid?  So controlled?  So in tune with their body?

When you scroll through Instagram or Facebook, you're naturally drawn to videos of people doing amazing things with their bodies:

  • Defying gravity in a handstand press
  • Demonstrating freakish levels of mobility in a floor routine
  • Blending effortlessly into their environment in a parkour run

(I mean, that's probably why you're reading this in the first place, right?  Something on Instagram or Facebook caught your eye and led you here.)

These videos and images are inspiring.  They show us a glimpse of what the human organism is capable of.

A glimpse of what we might be capable of.

But of course it's just a glimpse, a curated peek into their world.