Hi there, I'm Chandler Stevens.  

I help people make sense of their bodies and their lives.

If there's one thing I know, it's that our ability to move--and be moved--is our ability to experience life.  See, we experience everything in our lives through our bodies.  If we can't move well, if we struggle with pain, or if we're closed off to others, it ripples throughout our lives.  

What I've found over the years is that a practice of movement and awareness can unlock new possibilities and allow us to thrive.  We can choose to expand our mobility, rebalance our nervous systems, and create a more meaningful life.  

I'll make a bold claim: your movement practice is how you're going to make a real difference in the world.  After all it’s how we connect to ourselves, the people in our lives, and the world around us.  Without it we're missing a major part of the human experience.

In my work I blend practical applications of physiology, psychology, and ecology to help my students change their lives and grow into their best selves.

I'm a frequent contributor and "best of" writer for industry leaders like Breaking Muscle and Functional Movement, and I've consulted with dozens of companies--ranging from health education, to NFL teams, to forensic psychology--to help them develop more integrated training & teaching protocols.   

The Backstory

It took me awhile to get to this point.  In my early 20's I was spinning my wheels trying to overcome repeat injuries and nagging pain.  I had fallen in love with barefoot running, yoga, and Brazilian jiu jitsu, but my issues kept me from fully diving in.  It made me more and more frustrated with myself because I felt like I wasn't living up to my potential.  It sapped my confidence and strained my relationships.  I felt stuck.

I wasn't making any progress with conventional approaches, so I went back to the drawing board and explored every possible avenue to find a new solution.  Along the way:

  • I worked with experts in natural movement and somatic education to work through with my physical limitations.  
  • I studied psychology and the nervous system to help me find more balance.  
  • I went through therapy and years of coaching to find more freedom and more meaning.  

After many years and tens of thousands of dollars, something was still missing.  

I had done a ton of work healing physical and emotional hurts, but I was left with a nagging feeling of disconnect.  There was so much value in each of these pursuits, but nobody was building bridges between them.  Each was its own little island with no cross-pollination of ideas.  

What I Learned Was...

I saw the elephant in the room: most approaches to movement and personal growth take a narrow, fragmented view.  

They focus on the body, they focus on mindset, or they focus on stress and emotions, and they end up missing the big picture.  You don't live in a vacuum!  You're a beautifully interconnected system, and ALL of those things matter.  If we want to cross new thresholds and make lasting changes, we need an integrated approach.  Everything ties together:

  • We have to take care of "the body stuff" like mobility, strength, and coordination.
  • And also keep in mind we have a nervous system, emotions, and a mind working behind the scenes.
  • Your environment plays a big role in how you act, how you move, and how you feel.
  • And the way you connect and relate in your relationships affects your body too.

When I started connecting the dots between these aspects of my own experience, things began to click into place.  I found more ease in my own movement, more joy in my practice, and more meaning in my life.  I felt more comfortable in my body (and as myself) than ever before, and I was free to explore the world around me and express myself in new ways.

These days it feels like I’m buzzing on connection: to myself, the world around me, and to the people in my life.  I've reclaimed a feeling of spontaneity and wholeness, and it was all through this approach I've come to call Ecosomatics.  

Through my writing and coaching that's exactly what I've shared with thousands of students around the world.  I'd love to help you step into your potential too.  You can reclaim fluid, powerful movement.  You can find balance and clarity.  You can carve out a life that inspires you like never before.  

I'm here to guide you along the way.